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Welcome to Kids Sports Lab. I’m Jen, a mom to two boys obsessed with sports. Seriously obsessed. They love just about anything having to do with sports.

My boys also have insatiable curiosity. Anyone who knows me will readily confirm it’s a trait they inherited from their mother. I’m guilty as charged, and more than happy about it.

They can’t wait to learn how to read. They ask millions of questions about why and how and when and why not. They love learning new things, and I love teaching them. Just last night, my older son walked in the door from camp and said “Mom, will you teach me math before I start kindergarten?” Ummm.. Yes!

As my boys get older, I’ve found that teaching them new things, from reading and math to the pursuit of creative exploration and life skills, we’re often more successful when we teach them through the lens of sports. If the book or the project or the game revolves around sports, they’re far more engaged.

With a strong desire to feed this curiosity in a way my boys will enjoy and appreciate, I have tailored many activities we do to include or be related to sports. I suspect my boys aren’t the only sports-obsessed children who also have a passion for learning and exploration, so I’ve decided to foster a community of like-minded parents and families. I endeavor to make Kids Sports Lab a place where parents and families can find lots of ideas and resources to engage children in creative learning through the lens of sports.

Are you ready to join me? Let’s see where this adventure takes us!


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